• For 2 Dogs Dogtra

The iQ is an entry-level short range pet trainer for small to medium breeds. Designed for mild mannered dogs that need training at home, backyard or at the dog park.
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Dogtra 612C is available in 2-dog unit. The 612C is a no-nonsense trainer with intuitive one handed controls and an ultra-compact receiver/collar designed for small to medium-sized dogs.
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The 642C is an ultra-compact system that packs all the features of larger Dogtra collars but designed for small to medium-sized dogs.
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Available as two-dog unit: ARC 802 The Dogtra ARC features a low profile receiver-collar that is ergonomically shaped to your dog’s neck. The checkered grips on the handheld transmitter allow you to always have a firm grip of the training at hand. The ARC is a low to medium output e-collar designed for dog breeds with medium to soft temperaments.
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Dogtra 1202S available in 2-dog unit. The ARC 1200S is a versatile e-collar made for pet, K-9, and sport dog training where high output is required.
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The 4500 EDGE is a fully customizable/expandable e-collar designed for professionals and serious amateurs.
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The 2602 T&B for 2 dogs equipped with the new HPP vibration system and three beeper modes, gives you the ability to track, detect, and monitor your dog. Low to high power stimulation, Range 1500 mètres
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